Thursday, March 12, 2009


STOP the Cowboy Clampers

Vital information to fight back against the clampers.

If you car is clamped by the cowboy clampers, then call the police. The high court says clamping a car is criminal damage, and tampering with a motor vehicle.

If you are frightened by the clamper he is guilty of threaterning behaviour, call the police.

If they demand a cash only make a complaint to the police for demanding money with menance. Call the Police.

If you car is removed without your permission then your car has been taken without the owners consent, if they refuse to return it then it is stolen. Call the Police.

Use the comment box below to post information about these crooks.

If you have a ticket post the Name and SAI number below.

If you have photos or video upload them and post links below.

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