Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Lowest income of any UK City.

I've just finished reading the news online and I'm sat wondering why the HDM is ignoring the revelation that Hull has the lowest income of any city in the UK.

Carl Minns, the council leader, with depressing complacency denies there is a problem, probably because he might have to get off his lazy arse and do some hand wringing.

Don't bother looking towards our useless Labour MPs; Alan Johnson and John Prescott haven't even bothered to comment on the news either. They have their safe seats so they can take there voters for granted. They are to busy looking after their own careers to bother looking after their constituents. The city had two MPs in the cabinet for most of this governments term and Hull is still the worst off city in the country.

Hull has never recovered since the Tory triple whammy of the 70's, they sold out the Fishing industry in the Anglo-Icelandic COD war; they run down and closed the cities docks; then to top it off saddled the local economy with the massive debt of the Humber Bridge and the massive unreasonable Bridge tolls acting as an economic brake for the last quarter century.

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