Saturday, June 13, 2009


A dangerous cult on our door step?

It appears that Hull has it's very own dangerous cult on our door step. The TVIND School of thought operates out of Winnstead using a brain washing technique called the "Determination of modern Methods".

There mode of operation is to recruit well intentioned young people from around the world that that wish to learn English and help with third world development. These young people are sent out onto the streets of Hull and its surrounding towns and villages collecting used clothing door to door and signing up people to sponsor children in the third world.

BBC Radio 4 about

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Godwin's Law

Mike Godwin said "As a discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1."

The corollary being that no further progress can achieved by continuing the discussion. It's clear that much of the media believe that by simply comparing the BNP to fascists they will go away.

The mass media miss Mike Godwin's point with Godwin's Law, the value of the comparison was always in its sparing use. In the past this severed us well, but the problem is that the comparison is made so often it no longer has much value in most peoples minds.

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Friday, June 12, 2009


Contempt for Democracy

There has been a huge amount of hand wringing in the news recently about the election of two BNP MEPs. My view is corollary of Voltaire I detest what the BNP stands for but will defend with my dying breath their right to stand for it.

Any attempt to suppress the BNP from the democratic process is Contempt for Democracy. It is this contempt for the voting public is what got the BNP into this position of power in the first place.

The best way to neutralise the BNP is for the mainstream parties to respond to the legitimate concerns of the people voting BNP.

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A63 Motor Cycle Accident

I recently received a tip off that Humberside Police left a critically injured motor cycle rider lying on A63 for over an hour because they though he was dead. I need additional information to validate this allegation.

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Hello Oakland

Hello Oakland, I've been getting quite a lot of visitors from Oakland, California recently and I'm wondering what's drawing you to me little blog?

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Road Safety

I see councillor 'Chuck' CJ Hunter saw fit to share his views concerning road safety with his public in the news story "MOTORCYCLIST DIES IN FATAL ROAD TRAFFIC COLLISION ON THE A1033.".

What the Councillor fails to disclose is the accident he caused on this same road which left a woman in hospital, seriously injured and needing months of NHS out patient care.

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