Monday, September 28, 2009


Over zealousness bites back

Two WPCs have been told by Ofsted they are breaking the law by looking after each others children. This is absolutely asinine, a state intrusion at its worst.

However I can't help feeling that the WPCs are being hoisted on the same petard the Police have been holding over other citizens. Police Officers ignoring common sense, good judgement or any form of wisdom and arresting or fining a law-abiding people for 'trival' crimes , because it is a good way of achieving performant targets and pleasing the Home Office.

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Employment Scam

The Government set up a scheme where they pay Companies to create new jobs, by giving them money towards the cost of the first few months of the new employees wages.

However I keep hearing stories about people being sent for these jobs by the Job Centre. When they arrive they usually find the job is a Zero Hour Contract with an Employment agency. If they accept these contracts, their dole is stopped They wait on the end of a phone for casual work for ever and the employment agency pockets the government money.

The unemployed person is being scammed, the job center is being scammed, the tax payer and nobody seems to want to close up this loop hole which is making some people millionaires.

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