Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Bunch of Wrong Uns.

You may remember the media reporting of the Death of Lee “Rolly" Conman in a gang fight a couple of years ago and my tip off at the time that the Conman family are a bunch of wrong-uns.

At the time you, the public only ever got half the story from the mainstream press. They painted the Conman family as innocent victims and suppressed the dirt. So let me remind you of the details. The Conman family have a history of petty thievery, extreme violence and long running feuds that goes back at least three generations, like grandfather, like father, like son. At the time you only ever got half the story from the mainstream media, I gave you the extra facts the mainstream media suppressed, including the Conman brothers connection to the notorious murderer & drug dealer Kevin Batty.

Making public these hidden details the mainstream media seek to suppress is the very reason this blog was started in the first place.

Well the latest news the dull mail is suppressing is that is the fact that father & uncle Lee & Neal have been having a bit of ding-dong between themselves, and now one of them has admitted to hospital, (one source even says intensive care) with serious head injuries.

Ask yourself why you are not seeing this reported in the Dull Mail or the Porky Post?

Contact the editor with your tips.

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